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Your career development is a lifelong process that starts at a young age. Right now, you are in the perfect age to begin to explore and discover yourself, the world of work, careers, majors, higher education or training programs that align with your interests, values, & skills. Receive career counseling services by a career counselor to explore the possibilities that await you.

College & Career Development Counseling

Thinking about your future and your options? Engage in self-exploration, career exploration, and/or major exploration with a seasoned career counselor who can help you gain insight, direction for your future, and a plan moving forward.

*Disclaimer: This service is recommended for youth ages 13 - 19.

Career Development Workshop

The Career Development Workshop is a 3 month (total of 12-weeks!) group workshop where you will have an opportunity to explore and discover yourself, careers, majors, higher education opportunities, training opportunities, experiential education opportunities, as well as how to prepare yourself for the real world of work. It’s a fun and exciting time for you, so join us at the next Career Development Workshop to learn about what really matters to you, options for your future, and make a plan moving forward! *Disclaimer: This workshop is recommended for youth ages 14 - 18. Also, in this workshop you will engage in self-work and group members will encourage and motivate each other to grow & engage. This workshop is 12-weeks, each session will be 1 hr long, and takes place via zoom.

Self-Love Workshop

Self-Love Workshop is a 5-session group workshop designed to boost self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-appreciation. There are so many pressures to be something or someone, but you are valuable and worthy just as you are. Join the next fun and interactive Self-Love Workshop, and learn to love and appreciate your true and authentic self! *Disclaimer: This workshop is recommended for ages 13 - 18. Also, in this workshop, you will engage in self-work, and group members will encourage and motivate each other to grow & engage in self-love & authentic self-work. This workshop is 5-sessions, each session will be 1 - 1.5 hr long, and takes place via zoom.

What our customers are saying

As a first generation to go to college, I was unsure on how to navigate the college system but fortunately Veronica was able to guide me and helped me create my first job resume, she notified me about available student positions in which I am now employed, she provided me with tip on how to prepare for an interview and has also sent me extra resources that have allowed me to decide my current major. 

Nelly B. - Student Staff, American River College

Service Prices

Our youth services are designed to support your career development, especially during this exciting time & exploratory phase you find yourself in.

As a best practice, we make an effort to be transparent with pricing. Also, we offer discounts to students, military, farm workers, & undocumented communities. In addition, we offer payment plans, split into 3 monthly payments. If interested, please let us know. 

College & Career Development Counseling


Per Session

Best Package Offer

1 hr session

Cover any career topic (ei. self-exploration, career exploration, college exploration/prep, major exploration, experiential education, resume basics, etc.)

Define goal(s) & create an action plan

Get tailored guidance, support, & tools from seasoned career counselor


Career Development 



Per Month

Learn about yourself, career options, & create a plan moving forward

12 sessions total (3 months)

Each session is held once per week

Each session is 1 hr

Career development process is facilitated by career counselor

Curriculum is designed to guide you in discovering what you would like to do after high school

Feel supported in community

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Per Person

Best for Busy Homes

5 sessions

Each session is 1 hr

Facilitated by career counselor geared to improve self-esteem, self-love, &  self-acceptance

Engage in meaningful self-work designed to increase self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-love, & self-confidence

Feel supported in community

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