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Testimonial, recommendation for career intentions and Veronica cano

Ana R.

Health Assistant/Lactation Educator, Solano County Public Health

"I was fortunate to have had the opportunity of participating in one of Veronica’s workshops offered through her career counseling. The “Channel your Inner Confidence” workshop was a wonderful experience that allowed me to identify and take meaningful action toward the advancement of my career goals. Veronica was very attentive, knowledgeable and patient throughout our group experience. Whether you are looking to advance your career or discover tools to guide you in exploring more options, Veronica is an essential resource that genuinely cares about your career and personal growth."

Testimonial, recommendation for Career Intentions, Veronica Cano

Geovanny G

School Counselor, Northern California Area

"When I was in my last semester of grad school, I was worried because I was about to start job hunting. Honestly, I had no idea how to improve my resume to make it look more professional.

Luckily, one day I was talking with Veronica and she offered to help me with my resume. I took her on that offer and we spent the afternoon working on my resume. She was extremely patient, and she gave me amazing tips to make it look more professional. She helped me find the correct format for my resume, as well as to find the correct sentences to make it more appealing. Veronica took the time to explain everything in detail. She also explained to me what to change depending on the position I was applying for. In addition, she went over the cover letter as well.

Thanks to Veronica, I got many interviews and I landed my dream job as a high school counselor.

Her tips and advice were fundamental to my job applications being strong, and whenever I worked on my resume, I still use the tips she gave me. Definitely, Veronica is a professional and caring human being that takes the time to support people in all the steps of job hunting, and I know I can always reach out to her for support."

Testimonials, recommedation for career intentions, Veronica Cano

Nelly B.

Student Staff, EOP&S Program & SSS TRIO Stem Program, American River College

"My name is Nelly Batista, I am a 2nd year Biology major at American River College. Within my college I also hold two student positions working as a student staff for the counseling EOP&S program and as a peer mentor for SSS TRIO STEM. I can without a doubt say that I would not be where I am today without the help of Veronica Cano (my career and educational counselor). Veronica has guided me and prepared me for the positions that I hold today, she has made sure to always provide me with the necessary tips and resources in order to be successful academically and career wise. As a first generation to go to college, I was unsure on how to navigate the college system but fortunately Veronica was able to guide me and helped me create my first job resume, she notified me about available student positions in which I am now employed, she provided me with tip on how to prepare for an interview and has also sent me extra resources that have allowed me to decide my current major. During the time that Veronica has provided me with her counseling services she has also helped me by collaborating in workshops and by providing me with recommendation letters for scholarships. Beyond what has already been shared I am extremely thankful for all of Veronica's help during my career and educational path and for always going beyond and above to help her students."

When I did the workshop “Channel your Inner Confidence” with Veronica, I found it very helpful and I learned a lot especially trying to work on my self-confidence. Before doing the workshop with Veronica, my self-confidence was not great, I was not feeling very confident when going to job interviews and I felt that I was not projecting that in my interviews. The exercises that we did helped to calm my nerves when going to interview or when I needed to do a presentation. I also learned how to believe in myself, to not let my fears take over because in order to succeed and be confident, we need to let the negativity out and see for ourselves that we can do it and we have so much to offer. I learned from this workshop to not let my fears and my doubts get the best of me and my qualities. Let your inner confidence out, show what you are capable of doing and believe in yourself. Just trusting the process and gaining the confidence back by appreciating the qualities that we have and what we can offer to other people.

Kit Y.

IT Associate, Employment Development Department, State of California

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