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Gain clarity, explore options, 

& create a plan that aligns with your interests & values!

Help you gain clarity & direction in your career development.

Clarity Package includes:

  • Up to four 1-hr career counseling sessions
  • Sessions will cover: 
    • Self-Exploration
    • Career, Major, Program, &/or University Exploration
    • Defining Your Purpose, Passion(s), Interest(s), &/or Goal(s)
    • Setting Goals
    • Creating a Plan Moving Forward
  • Sessions are facilitated by seasoned holistic career counselor geared to inspire, motivate, help gain clarity, & point you in the right direction
  • Safe & nonjudgemental space to share your personal & career aspirations, goals, strengths, challenges, disappointments, &/or barriers
  • Opportunity to engage in mindfulness & meaningful self-reflection

This package includes:

up to 4 career counseling sessions

 each session is 1-hour

+ unlimited communication with career counselor via phone, text, or email

Priced at:


Per Package