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Career Intentions is a career counseling & resume writing service designed to provide tailored career services to support your unique career needs, goals, and make life easier.


At Career Intentions, our goal is to offer quality career counseling services to meet your individual needs at any stage of your career development. With our career counseling service, you will get guidance, support, tips, resources, and motivation to navigate the current complex job market, advance your career, and achieve your career goals. At Career Intentions, our clients engage in meaningful self-work to promote personal & professional growth, to bring about self-awareness of self-value, and to prepare them for career success. We invite you to live your purpose and have us support you in your career journey.


As an employer, you manage multiple responsibilities with a vision and goal in mind. Your staff plays a key part in achieving your organizational goals and getting the job done. When you invest in your staff, you are investing in the culture, future growth, and success of your company or organization. At Career Intentions, we make it our priority to support you and your staff in achieving your vision by supporting your current staff with career counseling, professional development or team building workshops, and career transition & outplacement services for your restructuring needs.


At Career Intentions, we want our clients to excel in their career and personal life, which is why we offer life coaching. We know that your career and life go hand-in-hand, and we offer support & guidance to help you overcome life obstacles.


Career Intentions was founded and created in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, in an effort to support and provide invaluable career counseling information and services to job seekers in need of career support to help them through their career transition and/or career journey.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has totally changed our world of work, our founder & career counselor, Veronica, has found herself at a crossroad of career opportunity as well, and has decided to be an agent of change and make her career services accessible to the public.


Career Intentions is a minority-owned & women-owned career counseling company with a proven track record in helping job seekers successfully gain employment in a career of their choice. Meet the Career Intentions team!

Veronica Cano, holistic career counselor, career coach, life coach


Holistic Career Counselor & CEO

Meet Veronica Cano, M.S.

Hi, my name is Veronica Cano (pronouns: she, her, hers, ella) and I’m super excited to meet you!

A little about me: I’m a first-generation college graduate with an expertise in career counseling & life challenges. I have a master’s degree in career counseling, and I have a diverse array of work experiences in the public & private sectors working with clients from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. As a career counselor, my goal is to help professionals discover their value, purpose, career path, as well as prepare them to navigate the complex job market to advance their career.  Also, as a life coach, my goal is to help you overcome life challenges that are holding you back,

By day, I serve as a community college counselor where I provide academic, personal, & career counseling to students from all ages and backgrounds. By night, I provide career counseling and resume writing services to professionals like yourself, as well as life coaching for those who are dealing with difficult life stressors. Also, I am a full-time wife and mommy to a super-active toddler.

In addition, I am known for:

  • Providing holistic career counseling & life coaching by:
    • Providing a warm, welcoming, nurturing, & safe space conducive for your personal & professional growth
    • Engaging clients in self-exploration, career exploration, or major exploration
    • Preparing clients for job search (resume, cover letter, interview prep, LinkedIn optimization, job application review, etc.)
    • Engaging clients in self-work, such as self-reflection & mindfulness, to help you gain awareness, insight, & personal growth
    • Boosting self-confidence, self-appreciation, & shifting mindset
    • Guiding you in exploring what type of life, lifestyle, & career you want to have
    • Helping uncover what makes you unique and amazing!
    • Providing strategy in finding a career or job that is satisfying, gives you purpose, fulfillment, & joy
    • Guiding, motivating, empowering, providing tools or feedback necessary to help you get where you want to be in your career & life
  • Creating solid resumes to ensure interviews
  • Being genuine, authentic, and honest
  • Strong believer of love for others, self-love, & self-care
  • Big promoter of overall holistic lifestyle, wellbeing, work-life balance, yoga, & mindfulness
  • Specialize in helping young professionals attain employment in state jobs (state and local service jobs), K-12 education, higher education, social services, nonprofits, tech companies, and more!
  • Also, I absolutely love eating healthy (whole food plant-based diet), music, & dancing!

For More Information, Please Contact Us